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Mystery Knitting

It is Wednesday (although it feels like Tuesday to me!) and that means it is time for some Yarn Along with Ginny. But, really - summer officially beings for me today! Why? Well, the arrival of Clue 1 of Kirsten Kapur's Mystery Shawl means the start of summer for me...
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A Gathering of Easy

When one of my absolute favorite designers collaborates with some friends and they put together a collection of "Drop-Dead Easy Knits" I was excited to see what the collection would include. I pre-ordered the book and it was delivered on Tuesday – at which point, I...
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A Weekend to Remember

I think it is most fitting that the first poppy blossom opened yesterday in honor of Memorial Day weekend. It was just gorgeous yesterday in the late day sun, almost as amazing as this field of 300,00 knitted poppies at the Chelsea Flower Show. Just.Stunning. Carole...
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Vacation Reflections

Most of the time a short week is a good thing – but a short week after a vacation was perhaps not the smartest idea. My list barely has a dent in it! (However, laundry is almost done and yogurt is made!) I had what I thought was a brilliant idea to get one of Steve's...
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A High Fiber Diet

I am in the home stretch of TdF2016 and I have had a fantastic time. The spinning has been varied and educational. While I have not spun that many yards (3570 yds to date, i.e. 2.02 miles) I have spun a variety of yarns. From worsted to woolen, including about 2100...
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A Case of the Tuesday’s – More or Less

It seems that this is going around since the end of 10 on Tuesdays. I usually plan the previous week what I will post the following week. So, this is what happens when you don't plan. I have a case of the Tuesday's. However, I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I have...

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Speed Weekend

When I was in school I took some classes in Speed Reading. I was not tremendously successful at this, but as I recall the idea behind it was to skim over the unnecessary words. I will attempt to share my Speed Weekend and leave out the unnecessary bits. There was...

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Sweaters on the Brain

I began to have a bit of a panic attack regarding Rock the Lobster, I could have sworn I had more yarn. I was certain I had 3 skeins, yet where was #3?? I knew I had leftover yarn from my Stopover that I could use in Sigla, but where was it and is there enough? Cue...

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With Visions of Breakfast Dancing in My Head

Welcome to Think Write Thursday! This week Carole and I are eager for you to Tell Us About the Best Breakfast You Ever Had: If you asked me, I would absolutely say I am not a "breakfast eater" my usual for a major portion of my adult life has just been coffee. That...

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Knitting Anticipation

There has not been a lot of knitting around here this week. However, there has been a good deal of knitting anticipation. Like this, and this. Knitting ennui has been vanquished! But, I hope to have the Honey Cowl done later today. I only have about an inch more to...

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Winner, Winner, Roast Pork Dinner

One recipe that really grabbed my attention when I read Ruth's book this past summer, was a recipe for an apple cider braised pork roast. Ruth calls for a big bone in pork shoulder roast – and a recipe that feeds 6-8 people. Now, for a household of two this might not...

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Rewind, Replay, Reverse

Today, I just want to go back in time. Back to when we were on vacation. Or at least back to Friday and the start of the weekend. Especially since yesterday was a day of Mary Poppins weather – you know the kind, Practically perfect in every way! It all just went too...

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Knitting Ennui

I have it bad. Dissatisfaction? Yep. Discontent from a lack of interest? Bingo. I have got ennui in spades. I am going to attempt to reverse this trend with Thing One, pictured above. Joy? Oh, yes! Enthusiasm? Absolutely! I am so excited about this Honey of a cowl...

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