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Summer Knit Along Update

I know that this is usually a day for a 10 on Tuesday post, but while Carole is away, the proverbial mice will play, or knit, or spin, or stitch, or… you get the point. So, Hello Crafters (Be you Knitters, Spinners, Stitchers, Crocheters, and regular 10 on...
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The Yay-est of Days!

Friday. Oh how I love you! But, some Friday’s are just uber-appreciated. Today is one of those days. It has been a busy week here, work has changed things up for me and I have still not gotten into a good rhythm with the new schedule, thus Friday arrives and...
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A Tale of Four Swatches

Happy FriYAY from a MUCH cooler, LESS humid Pittsburgh! The AC is off and the windows are open!! Cranky Pants level has been dramatically reduced. AND!!! Dark Sky™ is forecasting temps in the 70’s next week, with overnight lows in the mid 50’s – low…...
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Fiber Friday

Happy FriYAY everyone! It has been what feels like a long week – insomnia has been an ugly companion most of the week. But, on the bright side – the lack of sleep has spawned an increase in reading and a good bit of thought organization. I did some sampling this...
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Fiber Friday, Linked Edition

One thing to take into account when trying to match a commercial yarn is the density of the yarn. I think that the Briar Rose yarn may be a worsted preparation. In fact I am certain it is. So, my Shetland in a woolen preparation is a much lighter, fluffier thing!...
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The Important Things

Packing for a trip can be a challenge. There are so many things to take into consideration – weather, activities, etc. However, if you are a knitter then you have an added layer of things to think about. Knitting projects. For me, this is perhaps the most crucial item...

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A Gathering of Easy

When one of my absolute favorite designers collaborates with some friends and they put together a collection of “Drop-Dead Easy Knits” I was excited to see what the collection would include. I pre-ordered the book and it was delivered on Tuesday – at which...

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First Day of Fall – Currents

Enjoying: Hot coffee after a summer of sipping it iced! For me it is the perfect transition to fall and one that is very welcome! Making: The last of the local peaches into jam. I have perfected the recipe of the course of the season. It is so good, especially in...

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Knitting Slogs

slog /släɡ/ verb 1. work hard over a period of time. synonyms: grind, slave, plod, toil For me, Sleeve Island is the slog of sweater knitting. The slowest part of the entire process (although maybe not for this sweater – it all has been slow going!!) However, in...

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Summer Highs and Autumn Hopes

Hello Tuesday! And, you know what that means! Carole wants to know something!! This week she asks: We’re going to shake things up a little bit this week and do two lists of 5 things. First, I want you to write about the 5 best things you did this summer. And...

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Too Soon Gone

The weekend started off so perfectly and even a bit early on Friday – good eats, great drinks and a quiet evening at home where the great AC debate took place. I lost and the AC went back on. Saturday brought a bit of retail therapy, a trip to Primanti’s, and...

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