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The Official End of Summer

A quick post today as we try and grab the last gasp of summer. Have a great weekend! Labor Day Link Up: Books for Strong Girls! Autumn is coming Really Seriously, it is! Even mitten weather! And, a thousand rainy days But, Lucy Neatby is always a bright spot!…...
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Cooler with a side of knitting and reading

The weather has taken a detour back to spring temperatures over the past 24 hours. The humidity has gone elsewhere (sorry if elsewhere is where you are) and the high temperature yesterday was on 73, and last night was perfect sleeping weather! This is so...
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Fiber Friday: In Search of a Yellow Jersey

yel·low jer·sey  noun (in a cycling race involving stages, especially the Tour de France) a yellow jersey worn by the overall leader in a cycle race, at the end of any one day, and ultimately presented to the winner. I have been spinning up a storm in week one of...
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AsKatKnits Summer Knit-Along

Tell me, dear Knitter, have you previously been lured in with a summer long knit-a-rama and all you achieved was epic failure? Yeah, me too. And, this topic expanded more when I was talking with my friend, planetKnit, about our usual summer knit along that we had...
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Fiber Friday

In a week that just FLEW by, we find ourselves at the start of the weekend. This week there was lots of spinning! Some spindle spinning. And lots of wheel spinning. And, this really was just a couple of evenings worth of spinning. I had forgotten how quickly...
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The Important Things

Packing for a trip can be a challenge. There are so many things to take into consideration – weather, activities, etc. However, if you are a knitter then you have an added layer of things to think about. Knitting projects. For me, this is perhaps the most crucial item...

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A Gathering of Easy

When one of my absolute favorite designers collaborates with some friends and they put together a collection of “Drop-Dead Easy Knits” I was excited to see what the collection would include. I pre-ordered the book and it was delivered on Tuesday – at which...

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First Day of Fall – Currents

Enjoying: Hot coffee after a summer of sipping it iced! For me it is the perfect transition to fall and one that is very welcome! Making: The last of the local peaches into jam. I have perfected the recipe of the course of the season. It is so good, especially in...

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Knitting Slogs

slog /släɡ/ verb 1. work hard over a period of time. synonyms: grind, slave, plod, toil For me, Sleeve Island is the slog of sweater knitting. The slowest part of the entire process (although maybe not for this sweater – it all has been slow going!!) However, in...

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Summer Highs and Autumn Hopes

Hello Tuesday! And, you know what that means! Carole wants to know something!! This week she asks: We’re going to shake things up a little bit this week and do two lists of 5 things. First, I want you to write about the 5 best things you did this summer. And...

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Too Soon Gone

The weekend started off so perfectly and even a bit early on Friday – good eats, great drinks and a quiet evening at home where the great AC debate took place. I lost and the AC went back on. Saturday brought a bit of retail therapy, a trip to Primanti’s, and...

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Hullo, Friday!

It has been a full week here in my house – although, my list still has a couple of things still lingering on it, but I will not be overly stressed if I do not get them all done. I did indeed get the second Triticum front completed, I hope to cast on the first sleeve...

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When Konmari Sparks Saudade

I had been so filled with joy in emptying out boxes and sorting through things from my move to Pittsburgh. Really. Overflowing with joy! There were things that were easy to either move on to a new home or get rid of because if you have not used something in 3 years,...

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