Joy in July

Joy in July

After a slew of too hot days, this morning dawns with relief – the temperature has significantly moderated. The AC has been turned off and the windows are opened wide to let in the breezes and the sounds of the birds and the cicadas.

Summer is at its best and that is most joyous!

My garden has been a source of perpetual joy; however, it has had a bit of a learning curve as well. We had hopes that the zucchini would thrive in the bag beds, but they are not. Of course, it does not help that the bunny has helped himself to the blossoms and I think that our zucchini harvest is over for the season. But, the tomatoes are going gangbusters! Last year we got a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes, but only had a “so-so” harvest of ‘regular’ tomatoes. Not so this year, I have dozens of full-sized tomatoes growing  as well as oodles of cherry tomatoes.

Knitting has also been a source of joy this month. I finished a sweater and will finish a second before month end. I will also finish Kirsten Kapur’s MKAL – I finished clue 4 yesterday and began clue 5. I am a tiny bit concerned that I will not have enough yarn to finish the bind off, but I will have a better idea once I weigh my yarn after this repeat is done.

Reading is perpetually joyful, but this month it has been decidedly so! I have finished 7 books thus far, and will finish 2 more before month end as I am almost done with Dandelion Wine and Beartown! This will put me one book ahead of my reading challenge for the year. And, that is a very good thing!

What has brought you joy this month?

Joyful June

Joyful June

Sometimes things happen that initially seem like a very bad thing, but after digesting it for a bit – you realize that rather than being very bad, it is so very good! Such is the case for me this month – I started the month with a job, and the month is ending without that job. It has been a good lesson in finding joy in adversity, and not only is there joy – but the joy overflows!

This free time has been quickly gobbled up by other things, funny how that happens – and those things (mostly reading and knitting) have brought much joy! On the reading front this month, I will have finished 9 books! When I look at my Summer Book Bingo sheet, I am filled with joy!

On the knitting front, I am hopeful that I will have a sweater completion before Friday – stay tuned…

My flower gardens brought me an abundance of joy as well… and an abundance of bees! I love watching the bees dance with the Foxglove, the Lavender, the Lambs Ear, and the Salvia!

And I am anticipating an abundance of blooms on my Butterfly Bush, so the bee watching will continue! And, there were some garden surprises too! My Easter Lily that had been eaten and did not grow tall at all brought forth 4 huge blooms!

The birds have been harbingers of joy as well – from the nesting Cardinal family in the bush next to the house, or the House Sparrow family in the bird house by the porch, to the determined Brown Wren who still has not found a mate, but has not given up the search! When the going gets tough, sing loudly! And, really – this might be the best advice ever!

There is just a small slice of the joy that filled my June! What brought you joy this month?

May Joy

May Joy

Planning and planting brought much joy this month, as did seeing the fruits of past years labors.

And, now joyful anticipation has settled in.


Choosing Joy

Choosing Joy

Looking back at April there was so much joy!

There were 10 days with Michelle_GD and her Just Five Things. This brief but spectacular (to coin a phrase from PBS Newshour) class has become my favorite “re-focus-er” She manages to cut away the clutter of the day and focus you in on the simplest of things, but in that simplicity – incredible growth happens. Just Five Things continued for me through the remainder of the month. I have incorporated her process into my meditation time. While, I am not doing three check-ins every day – I have found it to be a stunning way to start the day.

The joy from this class was multiplied by having so many friends in ‘class’ with me – and a huge thanks to Mary for the gift of the class. It was so lovely sharing bits of ourselves in class.

There was also the joy of my son really finding his niche at work and finding success (he was #1 in his district in March and April) And, April saw him purchase his first home!

There were some knitting successes, but there were also some knitting failures. Why is this on the joy list? Well, learning through failure is always joyful. It is as important to cheer yourself on through failure as it is when you succeed, perhaps it is even more important!

April brought my gardens back to life – from the rhubarb, to the raspberries, to the strawberries (which are now growing fruit!) There is much joy in seeing things bloom and grow after a long winter’s nap!

There was also Easter, and singing and ringing (in the Bell Choir at church…) I am thankful that these small things bring such joy to my life!

March Joy

March Joy

The Joy Journey in March had some bumps in the road. The warm weather that caused things to bloom early was followed by some crazy bitter cold weather the following week which killed many of the buds and blooms. However, it did not get them all! And, while they look forlorn and bedraggled and the blooms have been greatly diminished, those that persevered are amazing! This is an excellent reminder to me that despite adversity, persistence is a worthy attribute to have.

There was also much joy in the Tom and Dara’s wedding weekend. It was truly a blessing to be included in their gathering. And, even though I only managed to drag Steve out to the dance floor one time, I did not let his lack of dance desire dampen mine!

There is joy in my weight loss journey as well – that scale that was in a holding pattern is not any longer. I am happy that it is moving in a downward direction again!

Joy in my daily stitching continues to grow as does my creativity. This is perhaps the best thing I added into my life thus far this year. I am learning how to be okay with things I do not like and rather than being halted by this, I am learning to turn what I do not like into something I do. I am learning that sometimes, creativity is a process and if I allow it to happen, amazing things occur in me!

With Joy

With Joy

As I close the door on February – a blessedly short month that was not short on joy.

There was an abundance of joy over the past month.

Joy in the lengthening days – over the month we have gained 64 more minutes of daylight!

Joy in the stunning lack of winter – out of the 28 days, we were above the historical average 21 days during the month. (Although, this joy is tempered by the obvious nod to Global Warming)

Joy in the books read and listened to during the month: I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak (I gave this book 5 Stars), I am No One by Patrick Flanery (3 Stars), and Into the Woods by Tana French (4 Stars) – only 3 books this month, but they were most enjoyable!

Joy in my continued stitching – this has been truly the thing that has been bringing the most joy! Through these moments of stitches, I have opened the door to my creativity. It is an incredible feeling – this unleashed creativity. Today I will fill in the final stitches for this month and this morning offered a beautiful sunrise that will be reflected in my stitches.

Joy in letters, written and received. It was my inaugural participation in MoL, and while my involvement was not perfect it was incredibly joy-filled!

There was joy in flowers and laughter and yes, even weight loss plateaus.

I hope that February was joy-filled for you as well!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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