Sweet Monday

Sweet Monday

It was really a great weekend with some must do things and some fun things – good balance is the key in all things, right?

A big high point for the weekend was the first trip of the year to Janoski’s and the local asparagus was in so of course we loaded up! They also loaded us up with some “free for the taking” hyacinths which were still blooming beautifully! I cut the top-heavy ones off to sweeten my office. They will be planted in the garden along with the paperwhites from January. But, that fragrance! It is so heady. I really love it!

The lilac bush has burst into a tiny bit of color, but the most amazing thing is all the new shoots that came up this year! Great job to Steve from snatching it from the trash pile – it took three years of nurturing, but I think it is going to make it!

I started the MDK KAL on Friday and sadly, by Saturday I knew these colors had issues. They aren’t playing well together at all. To my eye, it looks muddy and even though I love both yarns individually, together…. not so much. So, by Sunday Plan B was hatched and wound and cast on. I will be joining Mary on the One-Color Yarn Bus. This is not necessarily a bad thing. This is some of my oldest stash that was procured eons ago at the Michigan Fiber Festival (I think it was the first one I ever attended!) Anyway, the colorway is Basil and I think it will work.

I cannot see the stitch pattern at all in the two color version.

Muddy, even in black and white

We even got a tiny bit of work done in the garden as well and that feels so good! There is plenty more to do, but the work has begun.

How was your weekend?

Fly by Monday

Fly by Monday

Perhaps in the grand scheme of things, scheduling a colonoscopy on the day after Easter is not the most genius thing ever…

But, as far as being Monday? Well, I think it is safe to say that I it will go by practically unnoticed! So, take that Monday!

As far as the weekend went, all in all it was pretty darn nice (if you exclude Sunday from noon to 9PM)

Steve had Thursday and Friday off at work and we got a minute amount of yard work done and we put the top on the pergola and worked on opening the porch for the season.

We also caught up with Homeland. Yikes! And, that is all I will say about that!

I did some knitting – brief moments, but of course it was not on anything that I needed to be knitting! Rather, I was inspired by Vicki to do a bit of stash diving and cast on the Brambling Shawl from the Year of Techniques. I had enough colors to get started and tomorrow I will pull out the ‘deep-deep’ stash and find the rest of my KSH stash…

I am seriously loving how light and airy this is knitting up! And, even though the colors are not very spring-summer right now – I think I have fuchsia, blue, and maybe a teal. Colors aside, I think this will be the perfect little wrap for the summer! So far, so good on the knitting with KSH (or KSH wanna be’s)

As for today, perhaps a nap, more knitting on the fluff on these needles, and maybe some reading. Tomorrow will be soon enough to get back to reality knitting.

Hope your Monday is awesome! See you tomorrow!




Springtime in Pittsburgh

Springtime in Pittsburgh

My dear little lilacs are hanging in there, despite some frigidly cold temps at the beginning of the weekend. And, then came Sunday… and it was just glorious!

We actually did yard work and I loved every second of it! Sunshine. Birds. Working in the garden!

My Rhubarb needs to be divided and I fear I might have waited too long. Anyway, I want to put it in a container as they show in this video. I don’t have a container yet. But, it is on my list to get done this week. Hopefully, this does not harm the Rhubarb… but it has to be done.

Also, the raspberries are going crazy! And, spreading like mad! Raspberries should be in abundance this year – and last year was not bad either, I was picking enough berries in one day to make a pint of raspberry jam – so, I am really excited!

Outside of that it was a pretty quiet weekend, although we did go and have lunch with friends at Café Dehli (it was my first time there) and holy crap, was it good! So, when they rolled me out of there after we were done…. Yeah, I am not looking forward to weigh-in this week, lol!

There was some knitting this weekend as well, I will share that with you all on Wednesday.

Hope your Monday is full of good things – mine will be more outdoors than in! And, I could not be happier about that!

A Listed Monday

A Listed Monday

Fact of life is no matter if your weekend is jam-packed full of things to do or leisurely and at your own pace – Monday arrives on time. Without fail. Every.single.week.

It was a weekend of leisurely and at our own pace though – which was a good follow up to last weekend’s busy-ness.

There was some dining in and dining out – and we celebrated Steve’s birthday. There were also some reality checks like laundry and checking things off the to-do list. But, it was balanced.

This week is full – I have some follow up things to do from last week and today begins Just Five Things with Michelle GD! Today’s lists are all about gratitude and I hope to fill my lists with unexpected things as my day progresses.

This weekend also brought the reality that my diet journey will now be a solo gig going forward. Honestly, I am very scared of this. Really. I have yet to figure out how I am going to make that work and I still have a very long way to go, but I welcome any and all suggestions.

This weekend there was absolutely no knitting either. That might be the longest stretch that I have gone without picking up a project since before I started knitting! Hopefully today will bring some time to remedy that most distressing situation!

That is all I have for this busy Monday morning! How is your Monday unfolding?

Whirlwind Weekends

Whirlwind Weekends

It was a jam-packed weekend here at Casa del KatKnits…really, jam-packed, non-stop. Steve’s best friend from college got married on Saturday and Steve was the best man.

Despite the hectic feeling of the weekend, there were some great points of interest starting with Old St. Luke’s Church where the ceremony was held. We drive past this church frequently, but I had never been inside. It was nice to be able to do that. I love history and it is kind of exciting to be inside a building that has been here for over 250 years. The docent’s that were there to assist were veritable fonts of information and I enjoyed listening to them share the rich history of this little church.

Rehearsal dinner was at Fiori’s Pizza, which we had not been to in a year, the pizza was still good and so filling!

Saturday could not have been busier – really, it could not. I had a resistance huddle and a hair appointment; Steve had chauffeur Tom around before photos at the church. It was a LONG day! The reception was so much fun and while Steve was diet-conscious and did not drink much – sadly, the same cannot be said for me!

We clean up well, don’t you think?

Sunday, we headed out for a nice brisk walk out at Boyce Mayview Park – the birds were singing, squirrels were chattering away, and we even watched some hawks hunting. Best part…the brisk walk included some running!! Yes… actual running for several minutes, several times during the walk. I know… I am in shock too!

But, with all that busyness, I am feeling like I need a weekend from my weekend! Or maybe an additional cuppa to get Monday started off right! I hope your weekend was great and that your Monday will be too!

Wait…it’s Monday?

Wait…it’s Monday?

It was a whirlwind weekend for sure, because I cannot believe it is Monday already.

This week is sure to be insane…there are meetings, and a vet appointment for Sherman, and then the weekend is filled with Wedding stuff.

Yeah…the end of March is Roaring like a Lion with activities!

This weekend included some quiet St. Patty’s at home festivities that included Guinness and some really good Reuben Dip. I substituted low-fat swiss cheese, reduced fat cream cheese, and no fat sour cream and I noticed no difference, although – both Steve and I would have liked more sauerkraut in it (so I will double it the next time I make it!)

Saturday included errands, burgers, some March Madness, and laundry…

Sunday’s highlight was the Ready to Resist call with two amazing speakers – Rev. Dr William Barber and Senator Jeff Merkley.

By Sunday night I wondered where the weekend went…

Knitting kind of had the backseat all weekend – but, I hope to correct that today! And, don’t forget ROUND TWO of MDK’s March Madness starts today! Go Vote!!

I hope your weekend was awesome and your Monday is too!

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